Burning of Agricultural Waste

​The unauthorised burning of waste is prohibited by Sections 32 and 39 of the Waste Management Act. In addition, a law concerning waste disposal by burning has been in force since 2009. The Waste Management Act (Prohibition of Waste by Burning) Regulations 2009 prohibits the disposal of waste by burning and the prevention of environmental pollution by such disposal. A holder of waste shall not dispose of it by burning with the exception of article 5 of the regulations. This relates to material consisting of uncontaminated (free of dangerous substances, preservatives or other artificial impregnation or coating) wood, trees, tree trimmings, leaves or brush, or other similar waste generated by agricultural practices (but excluding garden and park wastes and cemetery wastes and waste arising from infrastructural development works).

A person who wishes to carry out the disposal of waste under Article 5 of these Regulations must notify Leitrim County Council in advance via the completion of the followingapplication form - Advance Notice in accordance with Article 5 of the Waste Management (Prohibition of Waste Disposal by Burning) Regulations

Please contact the Environment Department of Leitrim County Council on 1890 205 205 for further information on giving advance notification.

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