Artist in Schools Scheme

The Artist in Schools Scheme is a residency programme for primary schools in the County. The aim of this scheme is to offer pupils the opportunity to work with an artist on a once off project, designed between the artist and the school.

The residency lasts for 50 hours in total and is generally carried out over one term.


Participating artists and schools in the 2014 scheme are –

Four Masters National School, KinloughNaomi Draper, Visual Art
Aughawillan National SchoolCiaran Taylor, Drama
Masterson National School, ManorhamiltonCathal Roche, Music
SN Brhrid Naofa, BallinamoreRoisin Loughrey, Film


Subject to available funding, the Arts Office will continue the scheme in 2015. Early next year all primary schools in the county will recieve application forms by post. To apply schools only need to register their interest by filling in the brief application form which is also available to download below and return it to the Arts Office. Artists are selected through interview for a period of two years based on their experience and expertise.

Four schools that have the capacity to undertake a residency willl selected on a lottery basis and matched to an artist. All planning between the school and the artist only commences once the school knows they have been selected for the scheme.

The Artist in Schools scheme is built on the idea of partnership. The artist and teacher work together to make a lasting, memorable and enriching project for the children involved. This is a unique opportunity for a school to actively engage in an innovative project. Both the teacher’s and the artist’s expertise are essential in order for the children to get the maximum benefit from the programme.

Once selected, a teacher from the school and the artist are asked to attend a special facilitated planning session to ensure that the school gets the best possible experience out of the scheme. This session gives teachers and artists an opportunity to get their planning off to a good start and to establish what they hope to get out of the scheme.

Schools who participated in the scheme in 2012, 2013 and 2014 are ineligable to apply in 2015. Schools will be selected in March after which the successful schools will be paired with an appropriate artist. Project planning will commence in the first term so that the residency itself can happen in full during the Septermber to December term.

While the application form and information sheets for the 2015 scheme are not yet published, please feel free to review information from previous years below for reference.

Application Form

Information Sheet

Guidelines for Artists

Guidelines for Teachers


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