Leitrim Arts Plan

In June 2012, the memebers of Leitrim County Council adopted a new Arts Strategy for the continued development of the arts within the county. The strategy extends for the period 2012 - 2017 and sets out the commitment of Leirim County Council towards arts development for next five years.



 To continue to develop in Leitrim, greater access and quality participation in the arts for all people living in or visiting the county; to nurture individuals, organisations, festivals and communities to be part of that provision, and to work in partnership with local, national and international agencies to achieve common goals. 

Leitrim as a county is regarded and recognised as a place of unspoilt beauty, rich in character and culturally vibrant. Nestled in the north-west of Ireland, the county occupies an area of 1,876 sq. km and has a population of 31,778. The river Shannon which cuts through the county has over generations given rise to trade and an influx of people who sought out the quality of life and rich cultural offering for which the county is known.

Building on a strong pre-existing arts tradition in the county over many years, the development of organisations and infrastructure throughout the county has given rise to a significantly high proportion of artists living and working in the county.

This trend has continued as artists who live here are very much valued members of the community. They are valued for the essential contribution they have made to the development of the arts, and the contribution they have made to improve the quality of life for society as a whole.

While artists and infrastructure for the arts are the cornerstone and bedrock for a vibrant arts sector, they are part of an equation that is completed by communities young and old that engage in the arts as participants and audiences which, when taken together, helps create a society that is creative and open with a rich interest in people and the places in which we live.


Leitrim Arts Strategy 2012-2017


For more information contact the Arts Office at Leitrim County Council on 071 96 21694 or arts@leitrimcoco.ie.






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