Events Around Women's Suffrage


The County Leitrim Peace IV Partnership, a sub-committee of Leitrim Community Development Committee (LCDC), has drawn up the Peace IV Strategic Plan 2017-2020 for the county.

Approximately €1.7m worth of funding has been offered to Leitrim County Council as Lead Partner. Leitrim County Council on behalf of the County Leitrim Peace IV Partnership has identified the North Leitrim Women’s Centre (NLWC)  as an experienced and competent service provider in its PEACE IV Action Plan. Funding will be used to support a number of locally-based projects and initiatives that will promote positive relations between people from different communities and backgrounds.

Events Around Women’s Suffrage is one of 2 programmes being ran by the NLWC. 2018 marks the centenary of the passing of the ‘The Representation of the Peoples Act’ on the 18th of February 1918 which for the first time granted partial suffrage to Irish women north and south. 2018 also marks the centenary of the first time Irish women took to the polls on the 14th of December 1918. The story of women’s suffrage in Ireland is one of shared ideals and a shared vision of women’s equality.  Unionist and Nationalist women across Ireland were united in the joint campaign for women’s suffrage and women’s equality, however as other political events of the time unfolded suffrage interacted with the growing tension between nationalism and unionism. The force of British and Irish politics of the time began to force splits in women’s allegiances and attention and energies for many was spent on the future of Ireland and not the single issue of suffrage. the ‘100 Years of Women’s Suffrage”Living History Project offers a unique opportunity to not only celebrate securing ‘the vote for women’ in 1918, but to enhance our understanding of Irish History in particular ‘Irish Women’s History’.

The aim of this project is to

  • To recognise and honour the role of women in the struggle for Irish Women’s Suffrage, telling the stories of leaders as well as the ‘ordinary’ women involved in the campaign.
  • To reflect on how far we have come and how far we have  to go in order to achieve equality for women
  • To inspire and mobilise women to become more politically aware and active in their communities and in representative politics
  • To explore and build awareness and understand of the barriers continuing to inhibit women’s political participation

Groups will be facilitated to work together to research and learn about women’s stories and experiences from this period of history, they will identify key themes, issues, characters and events from this period of history. The groups will then go on to script and dramatise some of these key aspects into a short ‘one act drama’ for public performance. A Community Artist/Drama Facilitator will work with each group in the process of researching, selecting, rehearsing and performing the selected pieces.

The second phase will culminate in the production and performance of 3 ‘One Act Dramas’ on the theme of Women’s Suffrage – one in the North of the County and one in the South of the County. The performances will also be filmed resulting a permanent resource for groups, individuals, schools etc

Match-funding for this element of the PEACE IV Programme has been provided by the Executive Office in Northern Ireland and the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government in Ireland. 

The European Union’s PEACE IV Programme is managed by the Special EU programmes Body (SEUPB)


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